How can I register with ezBOOK by ABC Global Services?

ezBOOK is available to any agent/agency worldwide via registration. Go to:  http://www.ezbookbyabc.com.


A one-time online registration is required by the agency owner, as well as individual agents. To register, click the ‘log in’ link in the upper right corner of ezBOOK’s home page, where you will be directed to the Login Page.  In the upper right corner you will notice two registration links:  Agency Registration, Agent Registration.

Agencies without a host affiliation: If your agency is not associated with a host agency, please use the Agency Registration link to register your agency.

Agencies with a host affiliation:  If your agency is associated with a host agency, use the Agent Registration link to register using the host agency’s travel agency ID number.  All individual agents will register via this link as well.

Once all the required fields are completed, click the <Register> button and you are ready to begin booking with ezBOOK!


Please note the following password guidelines:

  • Passwords must be between eight and 20 characters and contain at least one of each of the following:
    • Lower-case letter
    • Upper-case letter
    • Number
    • Symbol:  !  @  $  _  +  -  &